‘Get to da choppa!’ – Preditor for Hire, Apply Within


We are looking to add a talented producer/editor/shooter to a tight-knit and forward-thinking sports media operation.

Do you have a good sense of what makes a compelling story angle?

Do you fancy a next-level approach to the way you consume content?

Are you nodding your head right now, and casually praising the impact of a well-placed rhetorical question?

And, oh by the way, do you like sports? A lot?

An affirmative response to these inquiries means that we want you, and thusly, that you want us!

Everyone and their mother has some semblance of a podcast or video series. So just go ahead and think of a few of those, recall what you’ve heard, the style, the messaging, the “hot takes,” … and then g’head flush it all right down the ol’ pipes. This project will be unique and distinctive, with unseen clarity and substance, while relying heavily on the personalities and tool-kits of all those involved.

We are doing things differently, and this is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a project that aims to redefine what sportscasting means in 2016 and beyond.


> The ideal candidate will be active during weekly productions shoots, and will take ownership of all technical details of the operation
> Said candidate will be tasked with reviewing the recorded material, and generating a compelling final product that “ticks all the boxes” and represents the company’s vision and business model
> Once chosen, the employee will be expected to be responsive remotely, and consistently contribute ideas and pitches for ongoing episodes and iterations
> This is a passion project: bring your heart and soul, come ready to dive in deep, and expect to win


> Must be proficient in non-linear shooting and editing
> Owning both camera and editing software/equipment a must (e.g. Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut)
> Engaged familiarity with the sports news cycle
> Heavy emphasis on post-production including graphics, music, photos, sound effects
> Must be able to demonstrate a proven track-record of video editing ability via a strong portfolio
> Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation, continuity
> Familiarity with special effects, 3D and compositing
> Must possess a creative mind easily expressed through storytelling
> Proven familiarity with SEO and social media best practices
> BS degree in Journalism or related field
> Proven working experience as an editor
> Should have full grasp of “And boom goes the dynamite!” broadcasting meme
> If you read that, laughed, and are still perusing, your odds on securing employment have risen exponentially
> An eye for detail along with critical thinking
> Prioritizing and multitasking

If the above opportunity speaks to you on a metaphysical level, and you’re interested in learning more about our project and company, please contact either Jay or Jason, and include the words “Sports Video Podcast” in the subject line.

Thank you.

> jberman1@gmail.com
> jskurtz07@msn.com


Picking your bracket in eight easy Vines: The Don Lemon Method


Watch CNN’s “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” every night at 10 p.m. ET/PT

When it’s time to fill out a March Madness bracket, there are countless techniques, each involving hours of research, schematic analysis, and the poring over of statistical data.

And then there’s the Don Lemon Method.

Please read the full CNN article here.
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Bill Belichick and Tom Brady likely cheated. Okay … and?

The National Football League’s latest scandal – “DeflateGate” – has simply served to further pump hot air into the nation’s most talked about sport.

Like any reality tv show – and that’s essentially what the NFL is – conflict drives ratings, and villains create conflict.


Bill Belichick is the ultimate villain, a character so contemptible he comes complete with a bad guy nickname: “The Hoodie.”

But let’s take care and stop short of hanging the hero handle on Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. After all, it’s not as if the one-time Patriots leader (1997-99) didn’t leave a Trojan Horse full of allegations and sanctions in his wake when he bolted from USC.

A week and half out from the Super Bowl you’d expect pro pigskin to pace sports talk radio and dominate the ESPN airwaves. But without “DeflateGate,” the Patriots and the NFL likely wouldn’t lead CNN’s primetime program, as was the case Wednesday evening.

That’s what Belichick’s pumped up ego (and under-inflated footballs) does. This storyline widens the audience, and gives non-football viewers an additional reason to care about the NFL and it’s forthcoming signature event (other than the commercials and Katy Perry performance, of course.)

Despite claims that “I’ve told you everything I know,” and “I have nothing – I don’t have an explanation,” the suggestion that the CEO of the most successful team in the NFL – six Super Bowls in 15 seasons – is ignorant of any gameday detail is entirely absurd.

Belichick is a chronic control freak and uncompromising micro-manager. No one on that team, Tom Brady included, so much as takes a trip to “freakin’ Stop & Shop” without “The Hoodie” signing off on it.

He’s a known rule-breaker, with at least one concrete infraction on his head coaching record. And he’s always conducted himself, and his team, as though the league’s laws apply only to the other 31, non-New England clubs.

That said, what should commissioner Roger Goodell and the league do? Boot New England from the Super Bowl and send Indianapolis in their place? A team they white-washed by 38 points? I don’t think so. PSI aside, even the Colts know who the better squad was on Sunday:

The only thing that counts in pro football is winning; because winning leads to money. And money is the other only thing that counts. Coaches and players – from the special teams assistant, to the starting quarterback, to the practice squad kicker – will explore any avenue, illegal or otherwise, to gain even the slightest edge. If they get caught two out of every 10 times they cheat, that’s the risk they’ll take. Because the reward of winning, and further filling the coffers, is that great.

Subtly deflating footballs for a quarterback who admits preferring a softer pigskin is no different than growing out the infield grass for a groundball pitcher. Well, except for the fact that letting a little extra air out of the football is actually illegal.


Should Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots have knowingly cheated? No. Did they? Probably. But now what? A few extra media conferences? Brady and his famed Pats beanie professing to honor the game in front of a crowded room of reporters, many of them non-sports journalists? Okay. And?

New England and its coach will likely be fined, and the team will probably forfeit some future draft picks. But in exchange for a shot to hoist that Lombardi Trophy a fourth time? That’s a trade the all-time winningest QB-coach combo. will take every day and twice on Super Sunday.

Between now and then it simply means more chatter, more media, and more eyeballs for a league already bursting at the seams with exposure and attention. Deflate the ball? Perhaps. Pump up the league? Absolutely.

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If NBA Players Were TV Show Characters

On Tuesday, Minnesota Timberwolves fan (and presumably, Final Cut Pro aficionado) Marcos López linked basketball and Beverly Hills in a way few had ever imagined: by setting the current crop of TWolves upon the backdrop of one of television’s most iconic programs.

He calls it Minnesota Timbertrolls 90210, and it’s nothing short of phenomenal:

Now while Brandon Walsh‘s set shot leaves a little something to be desired, the video’s essence is pure “Donna Martin graduate” excellence. We have only one question for Lopez: why stop there? Why allow the story to start and end at The Peach Pit, when the options for other parodies are limitless? In the spirit of Minnesota Timbertrolls 90210, let us imagine how many other directions we might be able to take this thing.

We start with the natural transition that is Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Long before she was Valerie Malone – Beverly Hills bad girl by way of Buffalo – she was Kelly Kapowski, the sugary sweet love interest of “preppy” Zack Morris on “Saved by the Bell.” Imagine an LA Clippers video set to the SBTB theme. Now imagine Blake Griffin in A.C. Slater‘s maroon wrestling singlet, and Chris Paul “ridin’ low in [his] chair” because the “dog ate all my homework last night.” Gold.



Too campy? Okay. Let’s get serious and shift to Chicago, where the Bulls scrub-in at County General Hospital as the cast of E.R. Paging Doug McDermott to Pediatrics. And Joakim Noah, on one knee, doing the Eriq La Salle post-op. punch? Magic, simply magic.



After eight seasons in the 80’s spent wearing Celtic green, then another dozen and counting as a team executive, Danny Ainge is a fixture in Beantown. Boston is a place “Where Everybody Knows [His] Name.” Factor in Midwest-transplant Brad Stevens behind the bar, diminutive yet feisty Rajon Rondo dishing drinks on the floor, and Jeff Green greeted by name upon entry? “Cheers” to that!

This season will be Dwyane Wade‘s 12th in Miami, and at 32, he’s literally the city’s old guard. How much longer before he’s in the kitchen forking late-night cheesecake with Chris Bosh, Luol Deng, and Bea Arthur? Visions of aging gracefully alongside LeBron James ended when the four-time MVP exited for Ohio. But who knows what the future holds? Afterall, King James is known for traveling “down the road and back again.” For now, however, the Heat’s “Golden Girls” spoof is short at least one “pal and confidant.”



That’s of course, because LeBron thinks “Cleveland Rocks.” A Cavaliers version of “The Drew Carey Show” open, with James and friends running down the middle of the street, trailed by hundreds of fans, only to see the squad line-up two-by-two at an ATM where Kevin Love lifts Kyrie Irving into an arabesque? Yes please. Ohio!

And were Lopez to tackle a Knicks video, well, his biggest hurdle would be choosing which iconic New York show to channel:

“In the National Basketball Association, the teams are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The passers who cultivate Zen, and the Carmelo Anthony‘s who frustrate the defenders. These are their stories.” That’d work.

Or maybe he goes even grittier, sampling the drums and subway sounds of the city’s 15th precinct, puts Amar’e Stoudemire in riot gear, flashes to Derek Fisher sipping swill from a paper cup, and delivers something called NYBB Blue (and Orange).




But at their core, the Knicks are selfish. The focus is on personal gain, and not in developing meaningful relationships. They’re shallow, they’re petty. And with exactly one playoff series win in the last 14 seasons, but a roster that features one of the game’s most-talented players, the squad simply lacks any real substance.

You could say, they’re a team about nothing. Cue the bass guitar.

Yada-yada, Marcos López, yada-yada.

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Pageviews Whining About Being Ready for “Next Erin Andrews” To Step Up



In her early ESPN days, Erin Andrews used to own the internet. Fresh images of her latest sideline ensembles were greeted with Christmas morning zeal. In fact, this very blog labeled her “Pageviews” thanks to her remarkable ability to dictate web traffic:

But somewhere amidst her revealing hotel peephole incident, and her stop over on Oprah’s couch, a funny thing happened to Erin Andrews. She got pretty damned tired of being, well, Erin Andrews.

Please read the full blog entry on “Busted Coverage” here.
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Buy “The House That Rockne Built” for Half A Million Dollars



No. Not that one. With room for nearly 81-thousand people, and brand new field turf, Notre Dame Stadium isn’t likely to go on the market any time soon. However, Knute Rockne‘s other house is, and it’s well within a Four Horseman’s gallop of Touchdown Jesus.

Credited as the driving force behind the construction of the current Fighting Irish home field, Rockne also commissioned a personal residence in South Bend, and for the first time ever it’s available to the public, priced to move at $500,000.

Please read the full blog entry on “Busted Coverage” here.
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Spicy Chrissy Teigen To Serve Up Cookbook, Wants To Share “Ridiculous, f–king story”



In as much as her photos alone produce puddles of drool, and seeing as her husband – R&B singer John Legend – has been heating up the music charts for more than a decade, perhaps it’s no surprise that model Chrissy Teigen‘s next spread will be of the culinary variety. Or, maybe she’s simply counting on her brand – which boasts a combined 1.5 million plus Instagram and Twitter followers – producing countless consumers banking on a back-cover photo that features the author, an apron, and little else.

Please read the full blog entry on “Busted Coverage” here.
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