Debra Messing on her iconic role: “I believe we will be be ‘Will’ and ‘Grace’ forever, until we die”

Following their heart-warming and entertaining interview on “Piers Morgan Live,” (airs 9p), actors Eric McCormack and Debra Messing were gracious enough to join Jason Kurtz in the show’s “Green Room” for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes chat.

Best-known for their iconic portrayals as the title characters in NBC’s hit comedy “Will & Grace,” the duo reflected on how quickly time has passed since the show captured America’s attention, and subsequently, its hearts:

“It feels like five years,” Messing tells Kurtz, the program’s Digital Producer. “Really, it’s insane that it’s been 15 years.”

McCormack breaks the program’s existence into two subsets: Continue reading


Reggie Jackson joins Jason Kurtz in the “Green Room,” picks Detroit Tigers to win the World Series

Following his candid, and at times entertaining, one-on-one interview with Piers Morgan (airs Friday, 9 p.m.,) Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was gracious enough to spend some time in the show’s “Green Room,” offering insight and analysis on the game that dubbed him “Mr. October.”

Speaking exclusively with Jason Kurtz, the man who rose to legendary status with an epic three home run performance in game six in the ’77 World Series fielded questions with the same aptitude he showed in leading his teams to 11 pennants, and five world championships, during a magnificent 21 year career.

“From a guy who could change a game with one swing,” Kurtz began, “does good pitching still beat good hitting?”

Jackson felt the inquiry needed a broader analysis: Continue reading

Sheryl Crow joins Jason Kurtz in the “Green Room,” talking tea time, making music and serving the hungry

Following her endearing and entertaining interview with Piers Morgan (airing tonight, 9 p.m.,) music superstar Sheryl Crow was gracious enough to join Jason Kurtz for a behind-the-scenes “Green Room” interview.

“I love Piers. It’s fun to be with him and to share a cup of PG Tips,” she smiled, alluding to their shared affection for British tea.

The “Piers Morgan Live” Digital Producer, Kurtz, first asked Crow about her newest album – “Feels Like Home” – which is her eighth studio release, but first to be classified within the Country genre.

Crow noted that despite the official category, she feels this album isn’t really a departure from her musical norms:

“I feel like if my songs were to come out now – all the ones I’ve had in the past – particularly those that have got played at radio, they would definitely be formatted at country,” she told Kurtz. “In fact, the first song I ever had that was a big hit has a pedal steel in it from the very beginning to the very end.”

Kurtz noted that Crow has been successful in the industry now for more than two decades: Continue reading

Matthew Perry on forever being known as Chandler: “At first I thought it brought me down a little bit”

“I admire Piers Morgan because there’s a lot you have to remember,” remarks Matthew Perry, Friday’s “Piers Morgan Live” guest host.

Kicking back on a couch, with his arm around Digital Producer Jason Kurtz, Perry reveals that he had a great time hosting the show, which required him to adjust to a new format.

With much of tonight’s program focusing on drugs and alcohol, Perry invites Alby Zweig and West Huddleston to discuss addiction in its varied forms.

Having gone through rehab himself, Perry emphasizes the importance of discussion on the topic:

“I just want as much information about that stuff to get out as possible. And, so I saw this as an opportunity to have fun, and I also saw this as an opportunity to get more of the word out,” he tells Kurtz. Continue reading

Anthony Bourdain and Jason Kurtz on the “cool” factor that comes with being a chef

Following his debut as a fill-in host for Piers Morgan (airing Thursday, 9 p.m.), food and travel guru Anthony Bourdain took a seat on the host’s couch, opening up about everything from the life of a chef, to the success of his new CNN program.

Digital Producer Jason Kurtz noted that with “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” he’d intended for nit and grit to be a core element – where toothbrushes were forgotten and pipes were shared:

“I’ve been doing a lot of that,” confirmed the “Piers Morgan Live” guest host. “But you know, every once in a while, I do like a high thread count and some good hotel plumbing.”

Kurtz then asked about the Emmy nominations, or the “sixteen to seventeen” that he had exaggerated to have existed.

In truth, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” has garnered four award nominations, which come on the heels of his wildly successful run with “No Reservations.” Continue reading

Glenn Close talks with Jason Kurtz about her “very nice” real-life persona: “You don’t know me, you just met me!”

Following her candid and heartfelt interview with Piers Morgan (airing Thursday, 9 p.m.,) television and film icon Glenn Close was gracious enough to spend some time backstage, speaking candidly about her commitment to “Bring Change 2 Mind,” while also sharing insight into her most intense roles.

“Whether it’s ‘Damages,’ or ‘Fatal Attraction,’ or even the Dalmatian movie [‘101 Dalmatians,’ ‘102 Dalmatians’,] you are always playing, at the very least, these powerful women,” noted Digital Producer Jason Kurtz, in referencing some of the actresses signature roles. “In real life, you’re very, very nice.”

Chucking, the guest quipped “You don’t know me, you just met me!”

Admitting Close was technically correct, Kurtz followed up nonetheless: Continue reading

Bob Costas talks sportscasting with Jason Kurtz: “My first salary was 11 grand a year in 1974”

bc2Following his entertaining and engaging interview with Piers Morgan (airing Friday, 9 p.m.,) sports broadcasting legend Bob Costas was gracious enough to spend some time in the show’s “Green Room,” sharing some humorous anecdotes, and showing off some of his patented Syracuse University pride.

Speaking exclusively with Jason Kurtz, the eight-time National Sportscaster of the Year award-winner reminisced about his early days working as an announcer, despite not officially graduating from college:

“My first salary was 11 grand a year in 1974 to call the Spirits of St. Louis of the ABA, but I did leave Syracuse prior to graduation. I don’t regret the decision, much as I love the ‘Cuse and I maintain a strong connection to them,” Costas explained. “I thought well, a chance to not only do pro basketball, but to do it on KMOX in St. Louis, a legendary radio station, has a chance to lead to some good things. And it did. So, that’s why I did what I did. Although there wasn’t an immediate pot of gold.” Continue reading