“Okay Jason, when are you going to actually do something with it?”

Saturday March 7th, 2010

The comment hit me hard, like a Manny Pacquiao left hand.

“I feel like you have greatness inside of you.  But sometimes I find myself wondering, ‘Okay Jason, when are you going to actually do something with it?’”

If that isn’t the exact wording, it’s awfully close.  My wife, my staunchest supporter, but also my most honest and realistic critic, had essentially told me it was time to either rise to the occasion, or fall back into something else.

Tough for me to say which fell first.  My eyes.  Or my heart.

But the thing is, as hard as it was to hear, it was exactly the sentiment already ringing within my own head.

Being a Sports Director, in a Top-70 market,  at age 27, was great.  It seemed I was on the fast-track to the Sports Broadcasting success I had always dreamt of.

But then things changed.  The economy bottomed out.  The industry soon followed.  My contract in Fort Myers, FL wasn’t renewed.  And then all of a sudden, I woke up one day in New York City, and 5 years had passed.  I was no longer truly “in the business” anymore.  And my high-speed race to success had grinded to the proverbial halt.

So, the question still looms, “Now what?”

I read the newsletters… I write the e-mails…I schedule the meetings… and I attend the informational interviews.

I sip the “great meeting you” coffee’s, and I jot the “hope to hear from you soon” thank you notes.

And yes, I still dable.

Some anchoring at a Cable television station.

Some behind-the-scenes producing at a cable sports outlet.

But this isn’t it.  I need to be back out there.  On-camera.  Doing what I do.  Pushing the envelope.  Revving that engine.

And so, with my newly revamped Blog, including an integrated Twitter account, I answer my wife’s question.

This is what I’m gonna do with it.  I’m going for it.

What’s next?  I’m not quite certain.  But it’s time I find out.


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