Can you tell Don Lemon how to get to ‘Sesame Street’?


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In the spirit of CNN’s “The Seventies” series, Don Lemon has traveled to arguably the most famous and influential address in all of American history: 123 Sesame Street.

After nearly half a century on the air, it’s not an exaggeration to say that “Sesame Street” has changed the world. When the show premiered in 1969, it was unlike anything else on television. In fact, in the state of Mississippi the program was briefly banned on account of widespread resistance to the multiracial cast.

And “Sesame Street” has always been much more than fun and games.

It has long helped kids and their families face challenging life events, even tackling such teaching moments as the terror attacks of September 11th and 2014’s race rioting in Ferguson, MO. A recent study by two economics professors found that children who watch “Sesame Street” perform better in elementary school.

As part of his visit, Lemon got a chance to sit down for wide-ranging interviews with four of the show’s fuzziest and most famous stars: Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Elmo, and Abby Cadabby.

Please read the full CNN article here.

Note: Eric Weisbrod contributed to this story.
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