Why “Salt-N-Pepa” didn’t like the song “Push It”


It’s been nearly three decades since female rap duo “Salt-N-Pepa” pushed it real good, but the women born Cheryl James and Sandra Denton haven’t yet tired of their iconic hit. And neither have audiences and advertisers alike, as “Push It” is presently serving as the soundtrack for a an entirely entertaining GEICO commercial.

Coming up Monday evening, the longtime friends and collaborators will join Don Lemon as part of his “CNN Tonight” primetime program, and following the taping they were kind enough to join Jason Kurtz in the show’s “Green Room” for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes chat.

Despite all the accolades that have accompanied “Push It” throughout the years, as Kurtz learns, initially, the ladies weren’t in love with the tune.

“We didn’t even like the song, how about that,” laughs James, aka “Salt.” “A deejay flipped it over – it was a ‘B Side.'”

On the strength of that deejay’s eye – or, rather, ear – for hit-making, the song, and the group’s debut album – “Hot, Cool & Vicious” – went platinum, and the rest, as they say, is hip-hop history.

Watch the above clip as “Salt-N-Pepa” offer their take on modern music and discuss their work with clothing company Lane Bryant. And, for the full interview with the lyrical ladies, check out Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight” at 10 p.m.

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