Racism, homicide, drugs, violence, and abuse – just your typical sports week

As the ESPN Mobile Alerts rolled in last week, I quickly began to notice an alarming trend forming from within my push notifications. From Paul George‘s thoughtless tweet and Danny Ferry‘s lack of sensitivity, to Chris Davis‘ uppers and Jonathan Papelbon‘s “down there” gesture, the sports world of 2014 lives less between the lines, and more out of bounds.

And we haven’t even gotten to Greg Hardy. Or Ray Rice. Or Adrian Peterson.

Yes, in between news of elevator attacks and child abuse, the more traditional score updates, no-hitter alerts, and fantasy stats did find their way to my iPhone. But those texts were far too few. Or, more likely, there were simply too many stories of the other variety, the variety the paints an increasingly sad portrait of the current sports landscape.

With the above image having been compiled exclusively from a series of messages covering only a few days, it finally dawned on me that the world of sports – once a home for exuberance and innocence – has largely become a dangerous and scary place.

While only the naive continue to hold up athletes as role models, societal leaders, and father figures, is it too much to ask the “switch-hitter” be reserved exclusively for baseball?

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