Why am I a St. Louis Cardinals fan (and why aren’t you too)?

It’s a question that comes every baseball season, and when the playoffs arrive dropping temperatures only serve to raise that many more eyebrows:

How is a Boston-born kid, who lives in Manhattan and boasts ties to both Central Virginia and Central Florida a St. Louis Cardinals fan?

To answer such an inquiry, one most go back further than simply this year’s World Series. Further than tales of two Carpenters and “the Wrench,” and further than David Freese‘s Game 6 heroics. Further than Yadier Molina‘s two-run shot at Shea, and current Cardinal Carlos Beltran‘s series-ending strikeout care of Wednesday’s Game 1 starter Adam Wainwright.

For the answers to this oft-asked question don’t live in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York or any other National League city. They live buried in the sunken ditch of a place called Oakvale. They live along the base-paths of Anna Murphy, and in the minimalistic bleachers at Carter and Tusoni Field’s.

Please read the full blog entry on “Bleacher Report” here.
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