The NFL…in Haiku – Week Five

For much of my…errr…esteemed career, I’ve faced constant criticism for “over-writing,” i.e. showing a propensity for being unnecessarily verbose, using many words where fewer would suffice.

As a challenge to myself, and in an effort to provide an extreme answer to those that question my way with words, this season I proudly present “The NFL…in Haiku.”

With the ancient Japanese poem structure allowing for a mere three lines and 17 syllables, I imagine summarizing each week’s game in such brief fashion should provide a welcome respite from my traditional overstuffed prose.

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns (37-24, Cleveland)

Both QB’s go down.
Off the bench, Weeden rallies
Browns to 3-2.

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears (26-18, New Orleans)

Brees to Graham? That works
Ten grabs, 135, and
Saints still unbeaten

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals (13-6, Cincinnati)

QB’s: Don’t wear 12
At Cincy. First Rodgers, now
Brady. Pats first loss

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (22-9, Green Bay)

Megatron unplugs,
Motor City stalls. Lions
Lose at Pack, again

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans (26-17, Kansas City)

Then there were three. Chiefs
Rally late, join Saints, Broncs as
Only perfect teams.

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts (34-28, Indianapolis)

Luck logs ninth career
Fourth-quarter comeback. Seahawks
Perfect no longer

Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams (34-20, St. Louis)

Bradford tosses three
TD’s, Rams stop skid. Jags, big
‘Dogs at Denver next

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins (26-23, Baltimore)

After 3-0
Start, ‘Fins lose twice in six days.
Ravens hard to gauge

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (36-21, Philadelphia)

Mauling at the New
Meadowlands: Worst Giants start
Since ’87

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals (22-6, Arizona)

Three picks, one fumble,
Seven sacks. Hopefully, you
Didn’t start Newton

Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys (51-48, Denver)

Ninety-nine points, but
The Broncos won. Denver takes
Texas sized shoot-out

Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers (34-3, San Francisco)

With a pick-6 in
Four straight games, Schaub sets record.
It’s one he won’t want.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders (27-17, Oakland)

Raider Nation stays
Up late, rewarded with win.
News couple was there.

New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons (30-28, New York)

Sanchez and Tebow
Who? Geno Smith pilots Jets
Past grounded Falcons

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