Sheryl Crow joins Jason Kurtz in the “Green Room,” talking tea time, making music and serving the hungry

Following her endearing and entertaining interview with Piers Morgan (airing tonight, 9 p.m.,) music superstar Sheryl Crow was gracious enough to join Jason Kurtz for a behind-the-scenes “Green Room” interview.

“I love Piers. It’s fun to be with him and to share a cup of PG Tips,” she smiled, alluding to their shared affection for British tea.

The “Piers Morgan Live” Digital Producer, Kurtz, first asked Crow about her newest album – “Feels Like Home” – which is her eighth studio release, but first to be classified within the Country genre.

Crow noted that despite the official category, she feels this album isn’t really a departure from her musical norms:

“I feel like if my songs were to come out now – all the ones I’ve had in the past – particularly those that have got played at radio, they would definitely be formatted at country,” she told Kurtz. “In fact, the first song I ever had that was a big hit has a pedal steel in it from the very beginning to the very end.”

Kurtz noted that Crow has been successful in the industry now for more than two decades:

“What is the recipe – what is the secret – to making music that transcends generations and has such a long lifespan,” he asked.

Crow joked that if she had the answer, she and every other artist would take full advantage of it. She did however, reveal some of the motivation behind her music:

“We all experience the same emotions, and capitalizing on those emotions, from loss to disappointment to joy to everything that happens in your everyday life no matter how it’s dressed, becomes relevant for people,” said the 51-year-old who’s sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. “So, it’s just knowing how to create a memorable melody and get to the point.”

Crow is extremely active in the fight against hunger, and spoke passionately about her involvement with the One A Day® Women’s charity, Nutrition Mission:

“We have been able to, through this program, contribute four million meals to people who are in food insecurity,” she shared. “There are fifty million people in this country which is shocking. We’ve also donated $100,000 dollars in grants to local communities.”

For more on the work Crow is doing with “Nutrition Mission” check out the link to the website, then tune in this evening at 9 for the entire conversation, PG Tips cup of tea and all.

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