Matthew Perry on forever being known as Chandler: “At first I thought it brought me down a little bit”

“I admire Piers Morgan because there’s a lot you have to remember,” remarks Matthew Perry, Friday’s “Piers Morgan Live” guest host.

Kicking back on a couch, with his arm around Digital Producer Jason Kurtz, Perry reveals that he had a great time hosting the show, which required him to adjust to a new format.

With much of tonight’s program focusing on drugs and alcohol, Perry invites Alby Zweig and West Huddleston to discuss addiction in its varied forms.

Having gone through rehab himself, Perry emphasizes the importance of discussion on the topic:

“I just want as much information about that stuff to get out as possible. And, so I saw this as an opportunity to have fun, and I also saw this as an opportunity to get more of the word out,” he tells Kurtz.

On a lighter note, Kurtz references Perry’s reunion with longtime “Friends” co-star Lisa Kudrow. The two old pals banter about past work, as well as Kudrow’s new show, “Web Therapy.”

“She’s hilarious,” says Perry, showing a true appreciation for Kudrow’s talent. “And I realized I’ve spent my whole career just trying to make her laugh – and a few others – but her laugh, she’s just got this great laugh. It was nice to hear that again.”

Then Kurtz asks about the lasting impact that comes with sitcom stardom, inquiring as to whether or not Perry is alright forever being recognized as “Chandler Bing.”

“That’s like sort of asking ‘are you alright with the fact that we all breathe air?’” Perry quips.

“At first I thought it brought me down a little bit – and I was like, hey, I’m trying to be other people,” he confesses. “But if you’re fortunate enough to play a part that people really love, then I guess it’s a good thing.”

Watch the clip to hear more of Perry’s behind-the-scenes chat, then tune in this evening at 9 for “Piers Morgan Live” as hosted by that made Chandler Bing a household name.

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