LeBron: Why King James Will Dominate in “Legacy” Game

Tonight’s affair from Miami is a “legacy” game for LeBron James. If he truly desires to be the type of player that we think he wants to be, he absolutely, positively MUST put the Heat on his back and will them into the next round.

It’s Game 7, with a trip to the NBA Finals on the line. Michael Jordan would have never lost this type of game in his prime, no matter how poorly Scottie Pippen (Dwyane Wade) or Horace Grant (Chris Bosh) may have been playing at the time.

Great players can sense the “moment,” and are able to rise to the occasion when it matters the most. It’s the difference between being an All-Star, and a legend. Hall of Fame careers are defined by signature games and performances, and this evening’s tip in Miami is an opportunity for “King James” to add a really important jewel to his crown.

James has to come out and dominate from the moment he walks into the arena. Tonight is not the time to “get others involved,” or be patient and “let the game come to him.” There is no “getting it within the flow” of the offense. He is the flow. He determines the pace, the rhythm, the tone.

Erik Spoelstra need draw up only one play on the team’s “White Board” in the Miami locker room: a give-and-go. As in give it to LeBron and go get out of his way.

He must be in takeover, “Beast Mode” from the tip. I think he does it. I think intensity and desire are the two areas that his game has grown the most in recent years.

43 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists, three steals and two blocks.

That’s my predicted line for him.

Heat win it 97-84.

James returns to the Finals against the very team he saw during his first trip six seasons ago. The King’s legacy grows.
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