Bob Costas talks sportscasting with Jason Kurtz: “My first salary was 11 grand a year in 1974”

bc2Following his entertaining and engaging interview with Piers Morgan (airing Friday, 9 p.m.,) sports broadcasting legend Bob Costas was gracious enough to spend some time in the show’s “Green Room,” sharing some humorous anecdotes, and showing off some of his patented Syracuse University pride.

Speaking exclusively with Jason Kurtz, the eight-time National Sportscaster of the Year award-winner reminisced about his early days working as an announcer, despite not officially graduating from college:

“My first salary was 11 grand a year in 1974 to call the Spirits of St. Louis of the ABA, but I did leave Syracuse prior to graduation. I don’t regret the decision, much as I love the ‘Cuse and I maintain a strong connection to them,” Costas explained. “I thought well, a chance to not only do pro basketball, but to do it on KMOX in St. Louis, a legendary radio station, has a chance to lead to some good things. And it did. So, that’s why I did what I did. Although there wasn’t an immediate pot of gold.”

Upon learning that Kurtz is a fellow Orangeman, Costas exclaims with glee, “this is a Syracuse centric interview! And all you Notre Dame, and Boston College, and Georgetown, and Fordham people, it’s annoying, I know, I apologize. A blanket apology.”

Watch the above clip to hear Costas offer details of the time he was once encouraged by his boss to grow a beard for an on-camera job, and then tune in at 9 as he joins Morgan, and a live, studio audience, for a full hour of primetime television covering everything from gun legislation to Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and Mickey Mantle.

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