Chris Noth on playing “Big”: “It gets a little crazy when they start yelling names at you”

Following his candid and passionate face to face interview with “Piers Morgan Tonight” guest host Robin Meade, on Wednesday television star Chris Noth was gracious enough to spend some time in the show’s “Green Room,” offering insight on everything from his environmental organization, to his most-celebrated small screen roles.

Speaking exclusively with Jason Kurtz, the actor who’s appeared in such hits as “Law and Order” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” as well as “Sex and the City” and “The Good Wife,” opened up about his famous characters, and what still resonates today:

“It started with Detective Mike Logan,” reminisced the shows digital producer, referring to Noth’s time on the NBC crime drama, and it’s spin-off. “Then of course Big, and now Peter Florrick. So, when you’re walking down the street, what do people yell the most?”

“It’s usually ‘Big,'” revealed Noth, admitting that playing such a recognizable character can be both a gift and a curse. “You feel good when people have enjoyed your work. It gets a little crazy when they start yelling names at you.”

Watch the above clip to hear Noth detail the various audiences that relate to his specific shows, then tune in at 9 as he speaks with Meade about his organization – Rainforest Action Network – and it’s upcoming auction. For more information on his work with climate change, check out both of Noth’s websites: and

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