Charlie Sheen on the NFL Playoffs: “The Ravens are going to win … it’s Ray Lewis’ year”

Following his honest and entertaining interview with Piers Morgan (airs tonight at 9 p.m.,) earlier this week guest Charlie Sheen was gracious enough to share a few moments as part of an exclusive, behind the scenes interview.

Joining Digital Producer Jason Kurtz in the studio, the actor explained why he’d agreed to return to the program after having first been interviewed on “Piers Morgan Tonight” amidst a whirlwind period of media attention and public scrutiny following his departure from CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.”

“He treated you pretty fair,” said Kurtz, referring to the interview that’s since been dubbed “Round 1.” “Is that part of the reason you came back?”

“Absolutely. I’ve thought about visiting in the past couple of years – a lot sooner than this – because of the time we had the first time,” explained Sheen. “But he’s an absolute pro, and a perfect gentleman.”

A noted sports fan, who’s portrayed many an athlete on both television and in film, Kurtz asked Sheen to do a bit of football foreshadowing:

“Let’s talk NFL, Super Bowl prediction?”

“It’s going to be the ‘Har-Bowl’,” said the man who made the character Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in “Major League” legendary.

“Ravens/Niners,” clarified the show’s digital producer.

“Yes, and the Ravens are going to win. It’s Ray Lewis’ year.”
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