Donny Deutsch on returning to “Piers Morgan Tonight” and interviewing Dr. Oz: “Oz taught me how to find a G-Spot on women”

Coming up this evening, “Guest Host Week” continues on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” as television veteran and advertising executive Donny Deutsch returns for an encore performance.

Joining Jason Kurtz for a behind the scenes interview from inside Piers Morgan‘s office, the 54-year-old executive is beginning to feel rather comfortable:

“I love that chair, it feels good in here. If I didn’t like Piers so much, I’d just kind of move in.”

Having last filled in for Morgan in March, Deutsch reveals the most-important thing he learned in tonight’s sophomore episode, during which he welcomed Dr. Oz:

“Oz, we just let it rip. Oz taught me how to find a G-Spot on women, so, what else do you need?”

Watch the clip as Wednesday’s guest host shares his thoughts on returning to the show and the distinct differences between his debut and second effort.
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