Green Room Interview with Cynthia Nixon

Following her interview on “Piers Morgan Tonight” (airing 9 p.m.), actress and activist Cynthia Nixon joined Jason Kurtz for an exclusive interview in the Green Room.

Widely known for her role in the iconic HBO series “Sex and the City,” Nixon recently starred in the Broadway play “Wit,” earning a Tony nomination for Best Actress:

“I am very, very excited,” says Nixon. “It’s a very tough category this year, and so it means a lot to have been nominated with those other women.”

What was it like shaving her head for “Wit?”

Watch the above clip as Nixon shares complete details of the day she lopped off the locks, then tune in this evening at 9 p.m. for her honest and entertaining sit down interview on “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

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  1. I suggest that joseeir misunderstood the “womens’ health” problems comment (note the position of the apostrophe the comment +above).
    Cynthia Nixon was referring to the large number of women in the lower economic strata of society who have great difficulty in finding health care. As she said, depriving these women of care with Planned Parenthood, is not a solution to their problem. My daughter tells me that she found PP an affordable place for her care when she was first out on her own. Please, joseeir, please let us know how you would propose filling that need if PP were deprived of financing.

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