Meredith Vieira on Piers Morgan: “He’s a puppet. He’s slow. Slow-witted, dim-witted. Not much to him at all”

This evening on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” famed American journalist and television veteran Meredith Vieira stops by, sharing her unique blend of perspective and personality.

Following the interview, the former host of such shows as “The View” and “Today” visits the “Green Room,” offering Jason Kurtz her tongue-in-cheek critique of the host:

“He’s a puppet. He’s slow. Slow-witted, dim-witted. Not much to him at all. It’s amazing he has a job. God bless him!”

Watch the above clip, and tune in this evening as Piers Morgan attempts to defend himself facing the razor-sharp Vieira.
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  1. Re the kind remarks about Ann Curry….I have NEVER been able to stand her ‘reporting’ and touchy-touchy -feely interviews. Give me a break! The woman drove me up a wall! As soon as she was promoted as Matt’s partner…that was it for me! I have not watched the show since…and I’m glad it happened because I found CBS and ABC morning news shows and found they are FAR better programs. Yep…it’s a matter of time…NBC can’t afford to keep Curry now that they are paying Matt a zillion bucks. They will get someone in there who is intelligent and likeable! tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock……

  2. Piers dates himself to an embarrassing degree when he asks Meredith if America is “ready” for a female president. It’s not even the misogynistic subtext of the question that’s so offensive, but that he asks it with such a smug, misguided sense of poignancy. This program fails to meet the mark for intelligent journalism in the 21st century (and its entertainment value isn’t much to get excited about either).

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