Joel McHale predicts March Madness champ: “It’s either going to be Vassar…or Wellesley”

Coming up this evening on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Joel McHale sits down with Rosie O’Donnell as guest host week continues on the program.

Known for his role as Jeff Winger on NBC’s “Community,” and as the host of the E! TV series “The Soup,” following his sit down with O’Donnell, McHale took some time to share some insight and information in an exclusive Green Room interview with Jason Kurtz.

A football and basketball player in high school, McHale offered his predictions for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship:

“It’s either going to be Vassar…or Wellesley.” (ed. note: neither school is participating in the tournament.)

Boasting more than 2-and-half-million followers on Twitter, McHale shared his reaction to the strength of the social media website:

“I didn’t realize the power of Twitter before I started tweeting, and I joined very early on, and did nothing with it,” explains McHale. “Then started doing it, and the day I started doing it, I lost 10,000 followers, and then it slowly started building back.”

Watch the clip, as McHale hints at what he did in Piers’ office, with Morgan out of the country.

Then, tune in this evening at 9 p.m. as McHale reveals how fans of his television show helped keep “Community” on the air.
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