Donny Deutsch on hosting “Piers Morgan Tonight”: “It’s a great gig, this is THE chair, and it’s really a privilege to be sitting here”

Coming up this evening, Guest Host Week continues on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” as television veteran and advertising executive Donny Deutsch brings his wit and wisdom to the program.

Prior to the show’s 9 p.m. airing, the former host of CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” took a few minutes to answer some questions from Jason Kurtz, offering his thoughts on the experience:

“At first they asked me to do all five nights. But I said, let’s spread the wealth around. I mean Rosie wants to do a gig, Arsenio, so I said we’ll spread it around. You know, that’s just the kind of guy I am.”

With Piers Morgan across the pond in England for the week, Deutsch has designs on turning his fill-in act, into something more permanent:

“He’s over there, and we keep rolling, we say ‘Piers take another week,'” suggest Deutsch. “And he knows that. He knows that this could happen, but you know, he’s that kind of guy.”

Watch the clip as Wednesday’s guest host shares his thoughts on the CNN studio, and tune in at 9 p.m. EST/PST as Deutsch sits down with Michael J. Fox and Meredith Vieira.

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  1. By Shirley Johnson
    How is it possible for the City of Satsuma (Mobile) Alabama to force an African American family to enter the back of their home. The family members were told that if they call the POLICE again about this matter, they would be arrested.
    The local, county, and state official, in addition to the FBI are aware of this APARTHIED situation, but refure to assist the family. How is this possible? This is 2012. The local news media refuses to publish the issue, and some of our national noted African American media voices refuse to listen to and/or expose this atrocity. WHY, I need an answer.

  2. I am enjoying the guest hosts. Jane Lynch on Monday,Wolf Blitzer is a gem and Donny is fantastic to date. I look forward tthe others.for the rest of the week. They certainly are doing a better job than Piers. Is it possible to continue having guest hosts. I certainly miss the good interviews.

  3. Why does everyone call Barack Obama the first african american president, when he is not! His dad is african american and his mom is white.. that makes him a mulatto. Please use the correct term. Thank you!

  4. Donny Deutsch is a great interviewer. He actually listens to the guests answer the questions. He gives them the opportunity to finish what they are saying. I could finally sit through the whole show without screaming ‘ Stop talking and listen to the guests’ Whew !!!

  5. Loved it when Donny asked Michael Fox what he would like to say to Rush Limbaugh. Fox looked directly in the camera and said: “Keep talking Rush”. That’s right. Keep talking. The more you spew your hate, the more harm you you do to your party. Go Rush!!!

  6. I couldn’t believe how blatantly left wing Deutsch is. What a pathetically biased interview with Vliera and her husband. To show the DNC clip of Romney’s quote about Planned Parenthood when you clowns knew full well he was talking about taxpayer funding for that organization, not the organization itself. CNN is ruining what I thought was going to be a balanced, entertaining program into a political forum. Hurry back Piers.

  7. Piers, Deutsch will cost you viewership. No one wants to watch this part ism left rag bag! If we want to see this we can always go to MSNBC. Please in the future spend more time picking your fill in or we will not watch your show! Hurry back Piers before Deutsch burns down your house!!

  8. This is on my Sansa, along with Toto’s Africa, a couple of rakcts from Top Gun, Katy Perry’s (hot) I Kissed A Girl, Sheryl Crow’s Are You Strong Enough (to be my man)?, Jessie’s Girl, Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire, and many other hits (order now and you get free shipping ). How’s that for a mix? Although lately I’ve been leaving the player at home and listening to my surroundings and focusing on my breathing and pace. But having the music to push me through on a day when I know I’m going to struggle is good.Mark

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