Montel Williams on “The Piers Morgan Interview”: “An opportunity to…really delve into thought-provoking questions”

Following his interview with Piers Morgan (airing Friday, 9pm ET/PT), Jason Kurtz caught up with Montel Williams for a brief chat in the Green Room.

After a 17 season run with the Emmy Award-winning “The Montel Williams Show,” the 55-year-old has plenty of insight into television interview programs, and thinks the host of “Piers Morgan Tonight” is certainly holding his own:

“Piers is great. The thing’s about him, even though I was given kind of a parameter where the interview was going to be, you know, he asked questions that catch you over there, or rather over there, or I didn’t think it would go there, so it was kind of cool,” remarked Williams. “It makes it more spontaneous and gives you an opportunity to like really delve into thought-provoking questions rather than just peripheral questions.”

During the chat, the actor and public-speaker touches upon his passion for healthy living, and reveals whether or not his race impacts how he votes.

Watch the above clip, and tune in Friday for a primetime exclusive at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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  2. I’m a massage therapist with a passion for working with people living with MS. I really enjoyed the interview with Montel Williams. I would like more information on his healthy living tips to share with my friends and clients. As always, Piers was great!!!

  3. This interview really angered me. First of all, Montel never once mentioned the REAL reason that his MS has improved so dramatically–he had venous angioplasty to relieve his chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI). This is a vascular condition that has been found to be linked to MS and thousands of people have seen improvements, some even more dramatic than Montel, following treatment. I’m glad he is following a diet that is useful for maintaining his veins, but the supplement he is pitching is for the maintenance of his veins following the procedure and not what “caused” the improvement. I know he can’t make money promoting this medical procedure but I feel he is betraying others with MS by not being completely honest. I’m also very disappointed that Piers Morgan just gave him a national platform to sell a product, misleading everybody.

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