Chicago Bulls: Season Awards Bring Back Memories of Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson

Did time freeze for about 15 years?

Did we fall back into the future, only to regain consciousness in the spring of 1996?

In a return to the days of His Airness, the winds of change are once again blowing in Chicago, where a certain Zen-like feeling has returned to the Second City.  With Derrick Rose having blossomed into the league’s youngest-ever MVP (22 years old) and Tom Thibodeau serving as a thorn in the side of all other NBA coaches, one wonders:  Are the Bulls back?

Derrick Rose and 'Da Bulls Are Back

Derrick Rose and 'Da Bulls Are Back

Now, clearly these Bulls are far from those Bulls.  And one MVP trophy plus one Coach of the Year Award does not equal six rings.  But while Rose, Thibodeau, and Company have a lot of running still to do, they are out of the gate in a nice direction.

Please read the full blog in it’s original form on Bleacher Report…


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