Heat vs. Celtics: Why Cleveland Hates LeBron, but Minnesota Loves KG (Kind Of?)

As the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics jump center on their Eastern Conference semifinal series, the subplots and storylines fly like a high-arcing, Ray Allen 3-pointer.  And amongst the shots being launched, a comparison of the two “Big Three”‘s.

The Big Three, Times Two

The Big Three, Times Two

During the summer of 2007, Boston imported Allen, and Kevin Garnett, to join resident incumbent Paul Pierce, in a series of signings that would ultimately see the Celts go green, en route to the franchise’s 17th title.

Three years later, Miami made it’s own moves, adding LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join Dwyane Wade, in hopes of heating up South Beach with another Championship run.

On the surface, this all seems similar.  Why then, did the Celtics become such a neat and clean feel-good story, while the Heat felt so dirty?  Perhaps it comes down to “The Decision,” and “The Exultation.”

Please read the full blog in it’s original form on Bleacher Report…



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  1. Great insight. Nice to see Kurtz and Long working together again. Looks like the Bleacher Report version is closing in on 400 hits! Not bad, considering this bin Laden guy is stealing all the news coverage.

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