on Monday 8.31

August ends with excitement Monday night, as:

  • a pair of pitchers nibble at no-no’s
  • two teams combine for 28 runs
  • the wheels come off a bid for the cycle

All in all, 5 full games, plus 2 “Extras”, send us to September, as my season at moves into it’s final full month.






Jon Garland to LA

Royals Extend GM



  1. Joe Mauer = best player in American League each of last three years.

    I’ll take a catcher who hits .350 over a pretty-boy shortstop who isn’t even the best hitter in his lineup any day!

    • As long as Pujols takes the MVP in the NL, and either Wainwright or Carp collect the Cy Young, then the AL awards don’t interest me. I’d vote, if I had to, for Mark Texeira. Big numbers, and a critical piece to the Yanks puzzle this year. His acquisition changed the entire dynamic of New York’s line-up, and he plays nasty “D” at 1B. I’ll tag Greinke for the AL Cy Young. He leads the league in pitchings most critical and universal stat. (ERA) and has big K number as well. His lower Win total shouldn’t cost him too much, because his team is garbage.

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