on Saturday 8.29

Over the hump we go…

4 Shifts down, 3 remaining, as we work through a 7-day marathon.

Saturday’s stint at featured it’s usual West Coast flair, plus some more magnificence outta the Midwest’s marquee club.

Note: Due to technological issues, the final 2 games of the night are void of an “on-camera” introduction.  However, the powers-that-be decided to move on without it, rather than waiting an additional hour-plus for the equiptment to reboot.

At 2:29 a.m., I support the decision.








  1. Hi Jason,
    Just viewed your recap of the yesterday’s Giants/Rockies game on It was a good report and you are obviously a talented writer and broadcaster, however I was irritated to hear you use the annoying nickname “San Fran” no less than three times during your report! Since no one has clued you in yet, I will let you know that people in the Bay Area can’t stand that nickname “San Fran”, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard to our ears. Its an annoying abbreviation that only clueless tourists use. Since you’re in New York can you imagine having to hear people refer to your city as “New Yo” all the time? Well that’s what it sounds like to us. In the future please just call it San Francisco, or SF. No “Frisco” and certainly no “San Fran”.
    Thanks for your consideration, best of luck to you in your career!

    • Very interesting, Marie.

      First off, thanks so much for watching, and for offering up your lovely compliments.

      And secondly, I had no idea about the “San Fran” issue. I admit, I’ve never been to the Bay Area, or California in general. And I was not aware of that hatred that came with the “San Fran” nickname.

      I will do my best to keep this in mind.

      Thanks again for watching, and good luck in the Wild Card chase.

      Be well,


  2. Thanks for your reply Jason.
    If it makes you feel any better you’re not alone, many a sportscaster uses that nickname but we’d like to stamp it out of your collective vocabulary 🙂
    We’re excited about the Wild Card race out here! We hope the Giants are peaking at the right time.
    Please come see us in SF sometime…nickname sensitivity aside, we’re actually really nice and its a fun city!

    Thanks again,

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