Happy Birthday to Jack (from Jack)

(Ed. note: Today my Blog was Hi-“Jack”ed by a 4-legged fiend, who had a message to share)

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

It’s my Birthday, oh yeah, that’s right.

I’ll take a few moments, your attention, if I might.

Most play it cool, on their special day.

“No gifts needed,” they often will say.

Well I’m here to tell you, those rules don’t apply.

My favorite words after all:  me, mine, and my.

I love treats, and cookies, bones, or a chew.

And if all else fails, I’ll take a bite outta you!

Comfort is Key

Comfort is Key

I am the pack-leader, it’s my world for sure.

Trainers and classes, I’m afraid there’s no cure.

My mommy and daddy, they have spared no cost.

I still hoist my leg, and show ’em who’s boss.

So on my second Birthday, it’s all the more true.

I am the man. Who the *&%@ is you!

Send me well wishes, and treats in a box.

Or you’ll wear cement shoes, down by the docks.



Truth be told, I joke and I jest.

But I’m a lucky boy, my life is the best.

I sleep in the big bed, and scavenge the streets.

Who knew New York City, had such good eats!

Plus there’s Big Sis, whom I follow around.

We have no fists, so Rudy and I “Paw-Pound.”

In closing I’ll add, thanks to family and friends.

And next year I promise, I won’t need Depends!



  1. Happy birthday, Jack! Maybe you’ll get to take a big-boy elevator trip today with Big Sister Rudy? 😉


    Uncle Le, Auntie JLe and cousins Reese and Gaby

  2. Happy birthday to my grandpuppy Jackson….Hope your day is full of treats…too bad Jayla isn’t there to make sure of that! When mommy and daddy say “no”, come see Grammie…sending Hugs

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