on Wednesday 7.22

A rare week-day shift for me on Wednesday afternoon, which resulted in a pair of West Coast get-away games, as well an unexpected run-in with the Dress Code police.

My 3:35 p.m. arrival time had me rubbing elbows (and knocking knees) with some of the “Sales” and “Traffic” folks, whom apparently did not appreciate my shorts. Never mind the fact that my back nearly melted to the vinyl seat in the cab ride over, but it turns out shorts are not permitted prior to 6:30 p.m. during the week. One guy actually asked me if I had my suit pants with me to go put on.  I told him I only had the jacket – which is true – however, I would have said that either way.

When my supervisor addressed the issue with me I informed him that I was not aware of the Dress Code, having rarely worked during “business hours”.  His repeated response:  “But it’s an office.  It’s an office.”  Of course, technically this is true.  I guess I just  never really thought of as an office.  More of a bunch of cubicles and desks where guys sit around watching baseball, and spitting sunflower seeds.  It’s not like it’s a law firm or advertising agency.  Oh well.

For those of you who’ve worked with me in the past, I’m certain this story comes as little surprise.  I don’t really “do” Dress Codes. I’ve always felt that how you look and sound when you’re on the air is really the only thing that matters.  Why should someone care if I’m wearing shorts while I’m at my desk writing my On-Camera Intro.’s, or logging highlights.

But as Vince Vaughn proudly states in Swingers:

Trent: I’m the a***ole is this place, right? I’m the a***ole?


My 2 games from Wednesday:




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