on Thursday 7.9

As I know most everyone has their gluteus glued to the edge of their seats, awaiting my newest posts, I will apologize for the inactivity over the course of the recent few days.

However, I can offer this quick tease:  

I have something special cookin’, and it may or may not involve a certain King Hippo.  That’s all I’ll say for now, so hang in there.

Meanwhile, I found myself scheduled for a little Thursday Thunder this week at

And though the calendar switcharoo may have interrupted my usual Weekend Ways, it did not end my West Coast dominance.

Again, my work-load was littered with the likes of San Fran and Arizona, plus a pair of additional auxiliary items on a unique pitching decision, and mid-season managerial moves.





An out of town win by the Pirates/Nationals Joel Hanrahan:

Might the Rockies Managerial Move mark a return of Rock-tober?:


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