The Kingman’s Crowning Achievement

So my wife and I fondly refer to my agent as “The Kingman”.  

This has less to do with the royal treatment he provides us, and is more a play on his last name of Kingsley.

It generally goes kinda like this:

Erin:  “Has The Kingman gotten you a job yet!” or “You better call The Kingman and tell him to get on it!”.

Truth be told, he’s a good sport about it, and admits he’s had worse nicknames.  He also regularly reminds me that dealing with spouses of clients can actually be more frustrating than the clients themselves.

He knows I’m looking for full-time work in Sports Broadcasting, and we’ve had some decent irons in that proverbial fire.  But we’re still crossing our fingers for that blazing inferno.

But he works hard on my behalf, I believe that.  And as he always says, “It only takes one to love ya!”.

So, with that in mind, he’s shootin’ off his cupid’s arrow with a brand new segment on his website, entiteld “Client Videos”.

It’s a way for potential employers to get a look at his stable of clients without the annoying delay associated with snail-mailing a resume reel.

As such, he’s recently added me to his site, and I’m attaching the link right here:


It’s a portion of my reel, plus a look at my written resume.

There’s no guarantee that this will have News Directors or VP’s hearts going pitter-patter, but the more eyeballs on your kisser, the better.

Feedback and critique always welcome.

Note:  The majority of this work is from my time in Florida.  Up next, “The Kingman” plans on integrating some clips from my work at  

His goal:  “Freshen up the reel”.  

Someday, he may really earn that nickname!



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