Magic in Miami

Engaged on South Beach

‘Twas 4 Years Ago Tonight…When it all Hit the Fan.

Sharing a Drink on South Beach…I asked for her Hand.

With Knots in my Stomach…I took to a Knee.

The Words Spilled Out: Erin, Will You Marry Me?

Occasionally I do this.  Just bust out into prose.

Not sure why.  I’m not a poet, but I may secretly think I’m a rapper.  I can’t really explain it.

In fact, on that very night, my proposal came via a poem.

I had recently picked up a Gift Card for a manicure at the Salon & Spa Erin and I frequented in Florida.  I used my “TV Station Street Cred.” to get a free hair-cut every two weeks, and Erin and I had both become quite friendly with my stylist Aimee, and her husband Jay.

As it turns out, the Salon was offering some sort of a new manicure promotion, and Aimee had snagged me a freebie.  This was my “in” when it came time to break out the ring.  Over cocktails on Collins Ave., I nonchalantly mentioned to Erin that I had swung by Vincent’s earlier in the week, and Aimee had passed along this gift card for the manicure.

“Oooh”, she says  “How great!”.

“Yeah”, I reply.  “I figure a free manicure is a free manicure, right?  Besides, you’ll need your nails done if you’re gonna wear this.”

It’s at this time that I shakily pull out the ring box with my other hand.  In front of a small selection of street-side patrons, I moved from my chair at the table, to a knee on the sidewalk, reciting a few words I’d crafted just for the occasion (all rhyming, of course).  After a hug and a kiss, and a smattering of applause, we’d somehow graduated from boyfriend or girlfriend, to “fiancé”.  Sophisticated, I know.

Now, when you’re dating someone for more than 4 years, as had been the case with Erin and I, the topic of rings, marriage, and proposals tends to come up rather frequently.  And not necessarily from one another.  More often than not, it’s the outside world wondering when “you two are gonna tie the knot”.

That said, surprising Erin on June 18th, 2005 was no easy trick.  Truth be told, I don’t know how she didn’t see this coming. I like to fancy myself on being rather stealth; she however, says I’m about as smooth as 3-day stubble.

Nonetheless, I nailed this one.  She was totally taken off guard.  Four years since the “Moment in Miami”,  we’ve been married close to two years, and there’s rarely a dull moment.  In many ways, our engagement night was truly a microcosm of our entire relationship:  Laughter and tears…dreams and fears.  Whoops.  There I go again.  The rhyming. The prose.

She Smiled at my Question…as Tears Dripped Down her Cheek.

Her Eyes Moved from Mine to the Box…Stealing More Than a Peek.

Her Response Came Next…I Remember it Still.

Marry You Jason?  Yes…I Will.



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