Guess Who’s Back…

Alright, so g’head and plaster this date on your calendar:  June 17th, 2009.  

The return of Big Kurtz’s Big Blog.  

I first visited the Blogosphere when I worked as a Sports Anchor in Florida, and I must admit…I rather enjoyed it.  A free forum to write what you want, when you want, and how you want.  It’s so much better than having an actual face-to-face conversation, in as much as you need not be deterred by your listener’s usual idiosyncrasies, like, shaking their head, and walking away.

That said, as if you’ve been waiting with baited breath, Big Kurtz’s Big Blog.  Oh yeah.  We should probably start there.  I do that.  Start repeated words with the same letter, often time at nauseam.  Alliteration.  It tends to be a crutch I regularly lean on.  I’d say I’ll work on it, but that’d be a lie.

So, in an effort to keep my first – and all subsequent – entries on the short side, I’ll begin giving myself the 30 second wrap.  First though, a brief teaser of what to expect:

I’ll use this blog to share my thoughts on any and all topics of note or interest to me.  

  • The world of Sports will largely be represented as that is my passion, and/or chosen profession.  
  • I’ll also touch upon my love of music, i.e. Jay-Z and Tom Petty. Right, cuz those guys go together.  Actually they do, and I promise to tell you how and why sometime down the road.  
  • Also, expect quite a bit about my life with my wife.  Her name is Erin, but I’ll be calling her anything from Ernie to Ernest to HONEY!!! from this point forward.  
  • And of course, there’ll be much on my obsession:  my two dogs. Rudy is our eldest, all 5-6 lbs. of her. And Jack is our youngest. He goes about 10 lbs., and will be two in August.  Their combined 16 lbs. run my life, and our household, as you’ll soon see.

Alright, so there we have it.  I’m back in the Blogosphere.

Finally, some coming events:

  • Tiger vs. Phil (and the field) in the U.S. Open from right here in New York.  I love Tiger (original, I know).  I don’t love Phil, but I have deep and tremendous sympathy for what he and his family are going through.  The story-lines are there, and the setting is ideal.  Now, it all just has to play out.
  • Cards at Mets from Citi Field next week.  I love the Cardinals, and haven’t yet been to the new home of the Mets (or the Yankees for that matter), so I’m hopeful to get over there next week.  If so, expect an entry.
  • My engagement anniversary.  5 years ago tomorrow Ernest and I got engaged on South Beach in Miami.  As you’d expect, it was a memorable occasion, in more ways than one.  I’ll be sharing some thoughts shortly on that.

Alright, I’m good.  You good?  I hope so.

Pencils down.

Big Kurtz…out!


  1. YES! How I have missed your witty words Uncle Big. I will be reading often and I am already, not surprisingly, super-entertained and better educated on all things “Big”

    Much Love to the whole Kurtz Familia from myself and my thick-gluted canine:)

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